The Leaner’s Profile

You cannot teach a [person] anything, you can only help [them] find it within [themselves].


Designing learning must come down to knowing who your student is, and what they want from the educational experience when they come to visit you each day. This means that it is the educators responsibility to know or develop a learning profile for each student – to know what their learning goal is, what their learning strengths are and how each student approaches the learning process. Essentially – meet the students where they are at, and help them move along the learning continuum.

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What is learning?

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Albert Einstein

I have been in education for the past fifteen years, working in a variety of different roles – everything from camp councillor to kindergarten classrooms, high school studio courses to adult professional learning. In all these different learning environments, there is one thing that is common to all – if I have done my job as a teacher I will have crafted an experience that allows the individuals that I am working with to take something with them beyond the boundaries of the classroom walls in which we had gathered. Teaching is about designing experiences that allow learning to happen.

Learning is a psychological process in which new information or skills are acquired. This means that when designing a learning experience, it is necessary to understand that people come to learning knowing something or can already do something. Prior learning serves as the foundation upon which new learning is solidified. Recognizing that all learners have schemes upon which they are working requires a learning experience to be an opportunity to make new connections. These new connections will take one of two forms:

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